28 July 2022 – Meeting – Various Items

Club matters

We warmly welcome four new members since the AGM, being;

  • Susan Alder
  • Lorraine Samuel
  • Mary Wilson
  • Andre Oeysuma

A report on the just concluded full renovation of the club rooms was given by Vice President Bill Soper. He proposed and the meeting unanimously passed a motion of appreciation to be conveyed to the Council for this splendid work.

Equipment Upgrade

Dean Simes gave an update of the equipment upgrade

For the room renovation everything in the rooms had to be removed. Surplus material, particularly now obsolete wiring, has been scrapped. The re-installed furniture and equipment have had some rearrangement for optimal use for classes.

The renovation has coincided with the final rationalisation and some upgrading of computing equipment.

A decade after the Club started, in late 2010 and early 2011 there had been a complete replacement of computers and associated devices, at a cost of a little under $25,000.

Beginning about two years back there have been some failures with this equipment, particularly the computers and monitors.

Over the last Christmas/New Year shutdown five machines had a full upgrade. They can run W11 as well as W10.

In June, at the time the renovation work began, of the remaining old computers only three were operational, and one of them had been showing signs of possible failings.

By fortunate coincidence the Club had been given four all-in-one computers, aged about 4 to 5 years. These were partially upgraded and are now in service, replacing the old machines.

The Club has not only benefited from the donated equipment of the all-in-one computers and of some monitors, but it has also received direct financial assistance in a recent grant from the Council of $1500 towards the cost of the five upgrades.

Scams Presentation

John Cameron presented the most recent ACCC reports on scams and the recent changes being made by Telcos to reduce the number of scan SMSs and scam calls. The slides are available in a separate note.

Windows File Explorer Presentation

Dorothy Soper presented on Windows File Explorer and the changes coping to File Explorer.

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