Current Courses

Unlike many other clubs CPST does not charge tuition fees for individual courses. Members are encouraged to undertake as many courses as they choose in a Club operating year which extends from mid January to mid November.

Sessions currently being run during 2022 are:

  • Windows 10/11
  • iPad / iPhone
  • Android
  • PC Security
  • Creative Writing
  • Excel

Sessions that we plan to open in the near future are:

  • Spotify
  • Instagram

CPST continues to offer the opportunity to have your pictures and slides digitise.

Enrolment Procedure

To enrol in a course phone the club on 9983 0774 or email When all class places are filled students are contacted by their Tutor to confirm their enrolment and class commencing date. There may be a waiting time for your preferred class time or course depending on the demand for these, and the availability of the volunteer Tutors. New members are encouraged to first undertake a free 1 to 1 session with a club tutor unless they have a good background in the relevant operating system. This ensures that members have a sound basis for proceeding to courses offered by the Club.

Introduction Courses

Windows for beginners W10/11 – an introduction to using W10 – settings and applications, covering topics such as terminology, explanation of what is on start menu screen, use of mouse, searching Internet, emails, file explorer, apps etc. After this students can attend the more advanced Windows course. The PC W10/11 journey session (below) is a logical next step after this basic computing course.

iPhone – You have been given an iPhone by a relative or friend and have no idea how to use it? Pull it out of storage, bring along your courage and lets learn how to tame this rectangular beast. Make a phone call, add contacts, take pics, email, message, the iPhone is your oyster!

iPad – Why do I have a big version of the iPhone? Come along with your iPad and together we will learn to master the iPad. The notes from ASCCA are used and cover typing, maps, Safari and Mail apps, other built in apps like Photos, how to buy or download apps, etc.

Apple Mac – an introduction to using Apple Mac computers covering topics such as terminology, the dock, the Launchpad, apps including the mail app to send and receive emails, how to search the Internet, Finder for storing all documents and pictures, etc.

Android phones and tablets – Have am Android phone but want to know how to use it? Come along and learn about the world’s most popular smartphone software? The brand does not matter, Samsung, Google Pixel, Oppo, Huawei, Motorola or others. Learn how to make and receive phone calls, how to send and receive messages, how to search the Internet, sending and receiving emails, adding and editing contacts, useful apps to download.

More advanced courses

Windows, W11 – Your new operating system – this course covers internet sources of “how to” instructions, security, how to safeguard your data and work safely on the internet, backing up and questions.

Excel Introduction to Spreadsheets, making a shopping list, making a budget, controlling your investments, basic data base techniques, producing graphs from spreadsheet data, using inbuilt formulas.

Desk Top Publishing using Word– Use Word to make publications that combine text with pictures, photos and drawings. In this course, you will learn specific techniques that enable you to use Word for this purpose and will illustrate these techniques by showing you how to make a greeting card, an advertisement and a plaque/certificate. You will then have the techniques to make all types of publications, limited only by your imagination.

Photos – including how to manage your photos – A beginners guide to how to manage your photos, including filing and editing photos.

Courses run on demand – In addition sessions on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook , Google apps and devices, and PowerPoint are offered if there is demand. There is also the possibility of help with writing of memoirs and how to use “Ancestry” software.

Creative Writing – Writing a two A4 page story about the topic for the month. It is then read out to others in the group, with a general discussion following.

Course Schedule

Course schedules are emailed to members and are available in this web site.

Alternatively you could contact any member of the Committee, particularly if you have any suggestions for further courses.

If you are interested in any of the above sessions please contact CPST on 9983 0774 or email

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