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The club has two air conditioned training rooms, both with 58" wall mounted screens. One room has seven computers with 22" LCD monitors for running formal courses.  The other is used for courses or one-on-one training with users bring their own computers. The desktop computers are connected to the Internet and stand on purpose built desks built by volunteer Club members.  

IMGP4134There are also printers and photocopying facilities for producing the individual course notes provided to each class member. There is a scanner for transferring slides, photograph negatives and transparencies onto a CD.

The Club is sponsored by Microsoft from whom it has received significant donations of software.


CPST is a member of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association (ASCCA), which has a guiding role for new clubs and holds regular information days on issues relevant to ASCCA club members.ASCCA also runs an annual conference.


Unlike many other clubs CPST does not charge tuition fees for individual courses. Members pay a once-off joining fee of $20.00 and an annual membership fee of $65.00. This entitles members to undertake as many courses as they choose in a Club operating year which extends from mid January to mid November.



The Club provides tuition in its 2 computer rooms on 5 days per week.  Classes usually require 2 hours attendance per week in each course. There are up to 6 persons in each class and a Tutor and Assistant Tutor, providing a student to tutor ratio of 3/1.  These classes are run subject to the availability of the course tutor.

Individual course notes are generally provided to members at the commencement of each class. These become the personal reference notes and property of the member. The notes have been written by the Club Tutors and ASCCA.  Notes are revised regularly.

Classes closely follow the course notes and provide opportunity for continuous revision and questions. Home revision is strongly recommended to each class and the Club also encourages members to seek additional assistance with any problems at the monthly Club Help Sessions.


The courses currently offered by the Club include:

  • Word Processing
  • Internet and Email
  • Digital Photography
  • Desktop Publishing using MS Word
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Understanding Your Computer
  • Files and Folders
  • Introduction to iPads and other tablets/hand-held devices
There are other short sessions available, as follows:

Attaching Documents/Photos to Emails;   Transferring Photos from Camera or mobile phone to Computer;   Backing-Up Files;   Windows Media Player;   How the Computer Works and its Basic Care;   Security for the Home User;   Skype;    Introduction to Windows 10; Backing up the Whole Computer; Using Microsoft Help Menu and Other Options; Some Essentials for Those New to Computing.

Individual Support

Any member may attend the Help Session on the 2nd Thursday of each month, from 2 4 pm, with any technology related problem.  A number of tutors will be available to provide assistance.

One-On-One training and assistance is also available to members. Contact 9983 0774 or email: for details.


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Contact Us

Computer Pals for Seniors Turramurra Inc.

PO Box 66, Turramurra NSW 2074

1 Gilroy Road, Turramurra

Telephone: 9983 0774



Computer Pals for Seniors, Turramurra, Inc (CPST ) is located in the Centre for Seniors Turramurra, at the northern end of the public carpark behind Turramurra shopping centre.

The Seniors Centre is also close to Turramurra railway station and shopping centre on Rohini Street.

The Club uses the facilities and large hall in the Seniors Centre to hold its monthly executive and general meetings, as well as the monthly Club workshops to which all members are invited.

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