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The CPST Committee is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting which is held in April. The Club Committee comprises the following members:


President: Bill Soper

Secretary: Margaret Ball

Vice President: Dorothy Soper

Treasurer: Ken Rowe

Committee:  Laraine Nicholls

       John Cameron
       Dean Simes

TThe Committee meets regularly on the third Thursday of each month and a General Meeting of the members is held on the fourth Thursday of the month. Tea and coffee are provided free at the conclusion of each meeting.

The Club holds a Help Session on the 2nd Thursday of each month, from 2 – 4 pm, where a number of tutors are available to assist with any computing problems.

Guest Speakers

he Club endeavours to invite a Guest Speaker to each of its monthly General Meetings. Speakers usually address the meeting for between 30 to 45 minutes following consideration of the Club’s general business.

Guest speakers generally focus on computer related issues, including hardware, software developments and other interesting topics. The Club has been fortunate to attract local schools to participate in providing students as occasional speakers on such issues as Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, etc


So that CPST can continue to grow we need more trainers! If you have a passion for technology or perhaps are a retired IT professional we would welcome you aboard. The pay is zero but the pleasure is great! Whether you are a Microsoft fan or an Apple lover there is room for you.

Club Newsletter


CPST forwards bi-monthly newsletters to members by email or post. The newsletters detail Club activities, coming events, guest speakers at monthly General Meetings and suggestions for improving computing skills.


(You will need a pdf reader to read this newsletter. Click on this link - to download the reader.)

Read latest newsletter January-March 2019.

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Our latest Newsletter

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Contact Us

Computer Pals for Seniors Turramurra Inc.

PO Box 66, Turramurra NSW 2074
1 Gilroy Road, Turramurra

Telephone: 9983 0774



Computer Pals for Seniors, Turramurra, Inc ( CPST ) is located in the Centre for Seniors Turramurra, at the northern end of the public carpark behind Turramurra shopping centre.

The Seniors Centre is also close to Turramurra railway station and shopping centre on Rohini Street.

The Club uses the facilities and large hall in the Seniors Centre to hold its monthly executive and general meetings, as well as the monthly Club workshops to which all members are invited.


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